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Dutch DJ / Producer Carlos Silva has been a DJ for more than 10 years. At the age of twenty he signed his first record to Grant Nelson’s acclaimed UK based label Swing City. Over the last couple of years, he has made remixes and productions ranging from Garage to Soulful House and Latin House. Energetic and uplifting House with Funk, Soul, Latin and Disco influences: the perfect summary of a Carlos Silva DJ set or production.

The summer of 2008 saw Carlos Silva teaming up with singer/songwriter Nelson Freitas, a very successful vocalist and former lead singer of the band Quatro Plus. With Q-Plus, Carlos Silva and Nelson Freitas provided the global club aficionados with one of the most successful and most played summer gems that year, Cré Sabe 2008, with additional remixes by Hardwell, Knee Deep, Afrojack, Veron and Raul Moros (Soul Conspiracy), rewarded with top chart positions globally.

Receiving tremendous support from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Roog (Hardsoul), Brian Tappert, Eddie Thoneick, DJ Disciple, Balearic Soul, Pete Tha Zouk and Ricky Rivaro, Cré Sabe 2008 has been picked up in countries like Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Mexico, South Africa and Portugal where it became a #1 hit. This summer anthem found its way onto more than 40 of high profile compilations such as Roger Sanchez - Release Yourself, Hed Kandi’s Beach House and the # 1 selling Dutch house compilation Bloomingdale.

The success of Cré Sabe 2008 resulted in many international gigs for Carlos Silva, taking him to events and clubs in Portugal, Switzerland and Morocco, where this down-to-earth Dutch DJ gets the full stardom treatment every time he touches foreign soil. After delivering top remixes for Dwight Brown (El Saxo) and Hardwell feat. I-Fan (Feel So High), Carlos Silva teamed up with his singer/songwriter partners Nelson Freitas and Eddy Parker to produce the official Cré Sabe 2008 follow up single Mystery. Like its predecessor, a high class full vocal piano driven masterpiece, filed under Genuine House Music.

Complimented with an amazing video which was shot in Marrakech, Morocco where Carlos Silva is a regular DJ guest - Mystery contains all ingredients necessary to rule the charts, floors and airwaves once more. Containing extra versions by colleagues Dwight Brown, Sickindividuals and Shane D, Mystery is signed to a string of international labels (NL/PT/ES/IT/PL) and will be released all over Europe and beyond during the summer of 2011.

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